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Privacy Policy


During the Audition and Registration process the Richmond Youth Concert Band Association (the RYCBA), as the parent-based, not-for-profit society behind the Richmond Youth Concert Band, collects a small amount of personal information from prospective and returning members. Some of this information is collected through our website when registering for an audition, some is collected from registration forms that are handed in on registration night (new and returning members), and some is collected by request through email due to missing information from either the audition registration or band member registration. We only collect information that is pertinent to your involvement with the Richmond Youth Concert Band and nothing else.


The RYCBA makes every effort to protect your personal information. We do not share your personal information with any other group or organization unless we are required to do so by law or regulatory requirement. We treat your personal information with confidentiality in order to protect you from fraud and error such as identity theft. Your information is not kept on our website and is not accessible from our website. Access to your personal information is strictly controlled within the RYCBA to reduce the risk of a breach of privacy.

Use of Information

Website: Information that is obtained from our website is used only to confirm registration time and date for an audition or to arrange for an alternate date/time. Information provided to us through the website is not kept on the website, but is kept in hardcopy form by the RYCBA Registrar for one year.

Registration form: Information that is obtained from the registration form is kept by the RYCBA Registrar in both electronic and hard copy form. The hard copy of your personal information (actual registration form) is shredded at the end of September of the following year. Information in electronic form is kept longer and is filed in the RYCBA archives. Only those RYCBA members who are part of the board of directors have access to the archives.

Information collected from you is used for the following purposes:

  • processing grant applications; membership registrations and fees; field trip registration and fees; membership and players’ list; scholarship and bursary awards; concert programs and promotional materials including photographs for the website and/or newspapers and/or our community partners, concert posters; providing information to the member regarding concerts and any other upcoming events;
  • complying with the law and regulatory requirements, including sending information to members and their family about RYCBA annual general meetings and election of directors, collecting and disclosing information in accordance with regulations;
  • providing members with information about RYCBA committees and programs, services and special events; analyzing membership information for band marketing purposes including developing and enhancing programs and services for members, ensuring a high standard of programs and services and conducting surveys; and sending members and their families monthly meeting minutes and information about the RYCBA;
  • collecting debts owed to the RYCBA; enforcing an agreement between band members and the RYCBA; and ensuring full payment of all membership and field trip fees.

Consent to the collection and use of information provided on the registration form as described above is requested on the registration form itself. If you have any questions regarding our privacy policy please contact us.